How To Do It All

Life is a balancing act. Figuring out how to be healthy but still enjoy life and food. How to be a good mom and wife (because it’s hard to be both). Keeping a clean(ish) house while still living in it.

I used to read blogs and articles in search of the magical fix-all so I could be Super Mom and do it all. Guess what. There is no magical fix-all and no one is Super Mom. No one can do it all. Some just seem like they do. And maybe some days they do. But no one can do it all, all of the time.

For example, some days I get my butt out of bed, drink my coffee, make a to do list and conquer it and then some. Other days I struggle to convince my gremlin that she, in fact, can sit on the floor by herself while I scarf down a piece of toast because that is the quickest thing I can make and eat.

No one has it all together every day. However, in the last five and a half years I have learned three things that make most days feel more productive.

Every day I try to make a to do list (sometimes it’s written down, a lot of times it’s a mental list). It is broken down into two categories: Must Get Done and Would Like to Accomplish.

Must Get Done includes the basics (feed and keep small humans alive) and any previously scheduled appointments or activities.

Would Like To Accomplish includes self-care, laundry, dishes, cleaning, and any other projects I hope to work on. I usually organize this category from  should-probably-get-done to really-can-wait.

There will always be those days that Ella will not release me from the clutches of her tiny Gremlin claws for more than two minutes. These are the days I stick to my Must Get Done list and coast through the day, hoping tomorrow will be better. Which brings us to the next thing…

Celebrate All Accomplishments.
Seriously. Keeping small people (and yourself) alive all day is no easy feat. I don’t care who you are. And it is worth celebrating. Every. Single. Day.

But if you miraculously get something from your Would Like To Accomplish list completed, hallelujah! Celebrate that too because you kicked butt today. And just keep trying. Which brings us to something to work on…

Make Time.
It’s easy to convince ourselves that our lives are just too busy. And yes, sometimes they are, and like I said before, keeping small people alive is a tough gig. But we are the ones in control of how we spend the time we have.

Those days when Ella needs extra snuggles, I sit on the couch and read and snuggle. She won’t be this little for very long. Soon she will be running wild with the two big monsters. I choose to ignore things that I could probably get accomplished.

However, life is a balancing act and other days I choose to get things done. I choose to make the time. Sometimes I need the time away from constantly being needed. So I take a little time away from my kids and I get things done. I wash and fold the laundry or I do self-care. I choose where and what I spend my time on. No one else chooses for me. No one else chooses for you.

These are the things it has taken me five and a half years to learn. It’s three simple things I do to “do it all.” Or not. The choice is mine.

How do you “do it all?” Tell me about it.


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