What Do You Do All Day: A Homeschool Day

What do you do all day?
I don’t know many people that like this question. It’s usually directed at two groups: stay at home parents and homeschoolers. Unfortunately, I fall under both categories. Luckily, this is not a question I hear too often.

Much like the comment “You have your hands full,” it’s usually an innocent question; just an inquiry, but sometimes it’s not. For those of you that are truly interested in what we do all day, here is a glimpse into the average day at Forever Young Institute‘s kindergarten (and preschool):


6 AM: Health and social studies.
The big monsters eat breakfast, have calendar time, and quiet play. If you are wondering how play is social studies, play is how children explore their world, work out problems, and learn to interact with each other and the world around them.

7-ish AM: Health (again), home economics, social studies (also, again).
Hair and teeth are brushed. Clothes are put on (and dirty clothes find the hamper). Rooms are cleaned (if not already cleaned). More play–usually while I try to cram food and coffee while tending the gremlin.

8-ish: Language arts and math.
Abby works on site words (five words for two weeks, followed by a spelling test). Mondays and Wednesdays she writes in her journal (sometimes a prompt is given and sometimes it’s a “free day”). Then she practices “math facts” (1+1=2, 1+2=3… we’re on the 2+’s now).
Liam works on alphabet identification and counting.
All followed by story time.

10-ish AM: Science technologies/science.
TV/screen time. Yep, we do screen time. However, it’s usually something like Wild Kratts, The Magic School Bus, Octonauts, Ask the StoryBots, etc… educational. Serious question for anyone questioning this. Did you know that fingernails and hair are made of keratin? Did you know that this is the same thing that a pangolin’s scales and a rhinoceros’s horn is made of? (Do you even know what a pangolin is?) I sure as heck didn’t. My five-year-old informed me after watching the Kratt brothers.

11-ish AM: Home economics (again) and health (again, again).
Lunch. The kids help in whatever ways they can. They know how to make a sandwich. Abby knows how to (mostly) operate the microwave, with supervision. They know how to put their own plates and cups on the table. They also know how to wipe up their own spills and wash their sticky little hands…

12-ish PM: Physical education, science (again), and extracurriculars.
We go outside and explore. We run, jump, collect bugs, look at leaves, hunt for frogs/toads (and compare the two). Sometimes we do experiments. We play music, make music, and dance. We paint or draw or playing with play-doh. It all depends on what we’re talking about that day, how much energy I have, and what they feel like doing.

That’s more than 6 hours, five days a week, 50 weeks out of the year (because, yes, we do it almost all year round–but we do take breaks). That’s more than 400 hours OVER what our state requires for “educational hours.”

Other things we do or have done include, but are far from limited to:

  • Ask questions and find answers
  • Weigh fruits and veggies at the grocery (and compare those weights)
  • Budget money (they have birthday money that they can save or spend–on themselves or others)
  • Bake
  • Pin bugs
  • Talk to people (all kinds of people)
  • Hike/explore
  • Play board games
  • Do puzzles
  • Write snail mail
  • Watch chicks hatch
  • Help birth goats

Insects pinned with our entomologist friend

    Abby drying off a newborn kid

    So what do we do all day? We learn.



    Do you homeschool? What do YOU do all day? 😛


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